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Public Warehouse Storage in Sioux Falls, SD

With 480,000 square feet of public storage, Nordica Warehouses, Inc. has the space to manage your inventory. We are unique in the sense that we offer a wide range of public warehouse storage options: Dry, Air Conditioned, Cooler/Freezer.


If we don't have the space to accommodate your product, we will start building. When you become a Nordica customer, space is our problem - not yours! We’re located in Sioux Falls, SD for a reason: There is plenty of room to expand!

Public Storage capabilities at our Sioux Falls, SD locations:


Public Warehouse Storage capabilities at our Sioux Falls, SD locations:

Nordica North
2101 East 39th Street North
Nordica South
801 South 6th Avenue
  • 263,000 sq. feet dry goods, heated
  • 60,000 sq. feet Air Conditioned
  • 5 acres outside storage
  • 43 truck openings
  • 130,000 sq. feet dry goods, heated
  • 350,000 cu. feet of cooler/freezer
  • 4 acres outside storage
  • 17 truck openings
  • 3 rail openings (BNSFE)


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Our Phone Numbers
Toll-Free: 888-336-9152
Fax: 605-332-8919
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Our Address
P.O. Box 84410
Sioux Falls, SD 57118
We Are a Foreign trade Zone
We Are a
Foreign Trade Zone